Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Few Firsts

The 1st first I want to share is regarding my Friday afternoon.

I was asked to judge middle school cheerleading tryouts.  This was most definitely a first.

With the exception of Mighty Mights, way back in the day, I never yearned for that path in life.  I wanted to be on the color guard team.  And I was.  All four years of high school.

Feast your eyes on the evidence...

Freshman year baby!

True, I was never interested in cheerleading.  But did judging cheerleading sound interesting?

You.  Know. It.

I enjoyed every minute of it.  Especially the parts where I felt like I was watching an SNL skit starring Mary Katherine Gallagher.  It was a super fun time.  And I'd gladly accept an invitation to judge again in the future.

My heart does go out to all those little ladies who didn't make it.  It takes such bravery to put yourself out there like that.

*   *   *   *

The 2nd first I'd like to share has to do with food.

In the year that the Taco Wagon has been in my life, the mister has never offered it up as an option for dinner.  I usually have to beg.  It's always my suggestion that he either does or doesn't agree to.

Today, however, was a new day.  I actually heard the words, "Do you want Taco Wagon for lunch?" come out of the mister's mouth, without my prompting, on his own free will.

Heck YES I want Taco Wagon.


*   *   *   *

The last first I want to share is the fib from my Find the Fiction post.

The first statement was, in fact, my fib.  But there was some truth to it.... 

I did run a red light during the test.  Which means automatic failure.  But I did not hit anyone or anything in the process. 

I did, however, hit the freezer and put a hole in the garage wall in that separate driving incident.

The gas pedal versus brakes is tricky when you're first learning to drive, right?

I swear my driving has improved since the 90's.


  1. What exactly are you eating from the Taco Wagon? That looks like a combination of maybe a taco, but definitely a cheese pizza with some green pepper chunks. However, I would like to try it someday. One of my kids was talking about it and then another one and I tag-teamed and told her it wasn't real meat.

  2. Where's the Taco Wagon? My sister has one up north but not sure where one is around here. When I was in college, I was asked by a friend who had just started teaching to judge a beauty contest. I felt like a celebrity. Must admit that my favorite thing about high school was cheerleading (Sarcoxie). Have a good week. Jan

  3. What exactly is she eating, Andrea? That question just about sums it up if one has to ask, don't you think? Since Danavee's last Mexican recommendation (in Branson) just about killed me, I will not be trying the Taco Wagon. I'm just sayin...

    Also, thanks for bringing me along on the cheerleading try outs, Danavee. THAT was fun, for sure. I wish one of them had smelled their armpitty fingers.
    Just one.

  4. Mexican has a way with people. You and Branson Mexican and my mom and El Puente...Yet another sign of food "cooked" quicker than any Jimmy Johns speedy fast delivery. And those are real restaurants, not a mobile shed serving tacos! Maybe I'll just go with Danavee and watch her eat it?

  5. Those, me ladies, are tacos. Some beef, some chicken. All tasty as can be!

    Schlag, we should go for dinner Friday night before the game. And we should eat at the Taco Wagon!

    Jan, the Taco Wagon is on W. Sunshine across from the W. Bypass Wal-Mart. It's in an empty lot by a huge, old white house.