Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A Terrific Hole in the Ground

Maybe you've heard of it?

It's also known as Fantastic Caverns, and it was our destination point today!

That means Field. Trip. Time.   


I was super excited about this trip.  Because I'd only been one time when I was a little girl.

And because I like caves.

I probably should have been a spelunker.

Um, anyways....

Days such as this require some preparation.  Packing a tasty lunch is first on the list.....

A well prepared teacher also packs a bag o' randomness.  Anything you think you might need.  Even toilet paper.

You never know.

You also wear school colors on field trip days.....

You just do.

And make sure you're armed with a camera for all the great sights you'll see........

Stalagmites and stalactites are the neatest.

Cave formations, in general, are spectacular.

Caves are just plain old cool.
And field trips to caves are excellent.

Perfect weather for a picnic on their grounds.  Perfect presentation and tour!  

On behalf of myself and my fourth graders, way to go Fantastic Caverns!  


  1. I heart Fantastic Caverns.

    I love how Whitney always gets the middle spot in pictures.

    And I believe that Fantastic Caverns has a tunnel that leads to the sink hole my school was built over. I mean they are only a few fields could happen right?

  2. It's all about photographic symmetry, Andrea. Tall, short, tall. Orange, black, orange. We take patterns seriously at Lyon.

    And I kinda wish I would've hollered into the sinkhole tunnel. Maybe it would've been like a tin can and string telephone thingy. "Miss Schlaaaaager! I seeeeee youuuuuuu!"

    Great field trip! Wish I coulda had lunch with you two girls. And wish I had some of Bonnie's cookies to go along. THEN it would have been perfect!