Friday, March 11, 2011

And the winner is.........

We will get to that in a minute.

First things first... 

I wanna thank all those that participated!  You guys are great guessers.  More than a few predictions were pretty darn close!  So thank you again for playing along.  I hope you keep coming back to this little blog of mine.  Even when I'm just talking about snow days, things I love and hate, or my domestic escapades.

Anyway, I should probably get down to business, which leads me to unveiling the grand total.

The final count was $48.81.  

My bank even does the break down of how much of each coin there is..........

$17.00 in quarters!  Over $8 in pennies!  Not too shabby!  It'll make a nice dent in whatever we decide to purchase.

But now, what you've all been waiting for.  The person with the closet guess without going over was.........drum roll please.........


She was within a dollar of the total, barely squeaking by Andrea's guess of $47.53 by using a Price is Right type of strategy.  Whit's guess was $48.00.

Congrats, Whit!  You can happily go into a coffee coma on me!  And just in time for Spring Break!

Oh, and, um, Whit?  Andrea said she'd meet you out back behind the swings on the playground.  She said she wanted to "congratulate" you.


  1. AAARRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! Price is freakin Right strategy. So close. So close.

  2. This is why I like to save quarters. They're much easier to count & they add up soooooo much faster. Oh, you're a probably knew that. Have a great weekend! Jan

  3. I am running up on stage, screaming all the way. I hope I get to play Plink-o!