Sunday, March 20, 2011

Love and Hate: Spring Break Edition

Spring Break Love:

1.  Being able to thrift!!!

Behold two similar belts.........

One thrifted from Salvation Army for $1.20.  
The other purchased for $30 at American Eagle.

Can you guess which is which?

*   *   *

2.  Springing forward!!!

I love that the sun is hanging around a little longer each evening.   And that I got a whole week off to adjust to the loss of an hour!

*   *   *

3.  Catching up with my sissy and her bebes!

They have been in Hawaii since December 25th.  They returned at the beginning of my break, so I got to see them whenever I pleased.

*   *   *

4.  Home improvement!!

Getting my kitchen shelves installed and decorated, along with hanging some other hoarded finds felt really good.  The house is feeling super cozy.

And while we're on the subject of home improvement, let's talk curtains.  My friend Andrea helped me whip up some for my bathroom! 

Not too bad for a Saturday afternoon......

The mister even approved and was excited that he no longer had to drape a towel across the window.  Thank you, Andrea!!!!

*   *   *   *

Now you might be wondering "What in the world is there to hate about spring break?"  

Let's get to that!

Spring Break Hate: 

1.  It's over.

2.  It gives you a taste of what summer feels like, and then it's snatched away from you in an instant.  You are thrust back into reality, and you have to (gasp) work.

It's pretty cruel, if you ask me.

But would I do it over again?  

You know it.


  1. On the bright side, Summer Vacation does begin in just 67 days and counting! :) (I'm grieving the end of Spring Break too!)

  2. I'm pretty impressed with those curtains! We do great work...maybe people can contract us to do curtains.

    I am glad we didn't cut any off the ends, it fits perfectly.

  3. I am blown away by the crafty duo! Dang, girls! Great work!

  4. I want a sewing machine... and a booth at Relics...

    Oh and Andrea, I have drapes to sew if you're itching for a project