Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Love & Hate: Food Edition

LOVE:  White Chicken Chili

Yes, I realize we're on the edge of soup and chili season.  But with the recent snowfall and temps in the 30's, I figured it was still okay to whip up a batch.

This recipe hails all the way from Miami, Oklahoma and was shared by a coworker last year (hollaaaaa to Andrea Singer).  She graciously handed out the recipe, and I've been making it ever since.  It is soooo easy and even more tasty.

I did tweak the directions a bit to accommodate some issues I had, which I'll explain further in a moment.

And because I'm too lazy to type out the ingredients and such, you get a photo of the recipe instead:

Like I said, I did deviate from the directions a little because this recipe calls for two things I detest.......

*   *   *

HATE:  Onions and raw chicken

The only good kind of onion is a fried one.  In the shape of a ring.

All other onions can take a flying leap. 

I have hated onions since the beginning of time.  So much so, that as a child, I would try to separate them from whatever they were in.........hide them in a napkin........and try to flush the whole lot.

Onions are very good at floating.

I had to get more crafty after that incident.

Anyway, for this recipe, I omit the onion step, which leads me to raw chicken......

Raw chicken makes me gag.  I can barely touch it.  It's slimy.  There are yucky parts which need to be cut away.

Frozen chicken, which is cooked in a crockpot and not slimy, is how I roll.

But that adds a few hours to the process, so I thought I'd try canned chicken.  I was extremely unsure of this choice, until I actually opened a can.  It didn't look too suspicious.  It was all white meat.  I eat tuna from a can.  How was it that different?

Yes, this was better than sauteing chicken with onions.

So I took the leap with two cans of chicken and a few shakes of onion powder, and I've never looked back.  It tastes exactly the same as the original sample I'd gone crazy for.  Annnnnd it's quicker.  Easier too. 

Mom would tell me that onions add flavor.



  1. Onions. You and me both, lady. You and me both.

  2. Have you every used Sam's broasted chicken for your soups. That's all I use & their yummy & just $4.99. Can't beat that!!! I think my white chili recipe is the same as yours but how can you make chili without onions? Jan

  3. Finally someone else who hates raw chicken as much as I do!! Seriously, I gag...and no one understands me...til now! I haven't tried canned chicken before - that's a good thought - I have a recipe or 2 that it just might work in! Thanks for the idea!

  4. Any raw meat freaks, me, out. I do like me some onions though. The do add flavor, so take that... NONESOAU!!!! (word verification but it sounds as if it would be a nice ending of a burn statement)

  5. oh yeah, and that was me, ashley, not my mother.