Saturday, March 26, 2011

A New Adventure

For years, I've thought about peddling my hoarded vintage treasures.  And there are lots of avenues out there for doing that, but as a seller, I was reluctant to head down those paths.

I hated dealing with shipping, so eBay was not my first choice, although I had dabbled with it.  That sort of left Etsy out of the picture too, with the whole shipping thing.  

Also, Craigslist leaves something to be desired.  I didn't want to meet up in a parking lot to sell a lamp or some other smaller piece.  A washing machine?  Sure!  A vintage tablecloth?  Uh, no.

Lastly, garage sales never work for things that you want a certain price for.  And I get that.  I don't want to pay antique shop prices at a yard sale, so I can't expect someone else to want to either.

That left me with only one real option, other than continuing to hoard...........Rent a booth at a local antique mall????  

Which is exactly what happened today!!!

Thankfully, I'm not in it alone.  Ashley and her mom approached me about taking this leap together, and Andrea was on board immediately too.  So the four of us, are excited to be the proud renters of a space at Relics!!!

We found a perfect spot at the very back of the store, which is L shaped, and has a direct view of a future tea room.  We hope it has a Leola's type of feel even if it is just a 4' by 8' space in the middle of a huge antique mall.

We can dream big, right?

Can't wait to get set up and begin our new little adventure!


  1. EEEEEeeeeEEEREEEEEEEdreeeeeerEEREEEEEE! (That's me squealing with excitement and nerves!) Cheers to hopefully being fairly successful by September!

  2. You wild & crazy girls. You have to face it -- once you're in this game, it's hard to leave it. Good luck & I'll be checking you out to see if you look like us. Jan

  3. We need shelving. ASAP! I have a few items now.

  4. Good luck ladies! You will do great!


    (I just like to squeal.) But yes, I'm excited for you all too!