Saturday, March 5, 2011

A contest you should probably participate in......

Our piggy bank is full, so it's time to cash it all in. 

The mister and I have some plans for this money.  We just aren't sure which idea to go with......

Possibility #1:  We have carriage style garage doors that have their own controllers, so they open separately.  And the mister's side is broken.

Awwwww, too bad for the mister, huh?  

I suppose he deserves to park in the garage too.
So we could buy a new opener with the money.

*   *   *   *

Possibility #2:  We could also make a dent in a new dresser for our bedroom.

The mister's bedroom furniture was banned from moving in with him.  It was, after all, a water bed from the 80's with a sort of matching wardrobey dressery thing.  So due to the furniture prohibition, he doesn't really have a sock drawer.

He has a sock bag.....

He needs a sock drawer.

*   *   *   *  

You probably feel sorry for the mister right about now, don't you?  

You shouldn't.

He's fine.  


*   *   *   *

Possibility #3:  Finally, we may have to start a new fund altogether and put this chunk of change toward it.  It's called the "Sir Chester has just started jumping the fence, so we need a privacy fence" fund.

Yes, this is a new development in the life of Sir Chester.  He's discovered he can scale our fence in a single bound.

It's quite remarkable.

And frustrating.

I swear he escaped from the circus
prior to becoming our little man.

*   *   *   *

So the time has come, with a full-to-the-brim piggy bank, to cash in all that change.  Then we'll have to decide how it's gonna be spent.

I love predicting how much is in the piggy bank before I cash it in.  Soooooo let's play a game...... 

Directions:  Make a "how much change is that" prediction in the comments area.  

Prize:  The winner gets to choose between a $10 Starbucks or Sonic gift card.  So when you comment, tell me your preference!

Rules:  Your guess has to be closest to the amount without going over.  I'll take guesses all week.  Guessing time will come to a close on Friday, March 11th at noon.  I'll post the amount sometime after that, along with the lucky winner!  I'll even prove the amount with the receipt from my bank!  Then depending on who wins, I'll either hand deliver it or mail it! 

To further assist you, I'll even provide the piggy bank dimensions......

Calling all readers, whoever you are, whether I know you or not (I do like making new friends), whether you've never commented or you comment regularly, be wild and crazy, and give it your best guess!  How much will all those quarters, nickels, dimes, and pennies add up to?

Just think, it could be YOU sipping that vanilla latte or eating some tots if your guess is the best.


  1. Poor Uncle Ken Ken and his sock bag!!! Not even allowed a measly drawer for socks?

    My coin guess is $47.53

    ...And this lady wants the Starbucks card please!

  2. Just for better odds, Olivia's guess is $62.14. She would also like a Starbucks card.

  3. Okay, my guess is 48 dollars. A little Price Is Right strategy, Andrea. (I will only be laughing until someone does it to me.)

  4. You are so fun! Ok, Morgan's and my guess is $37.09. Change jars are fun! :) Enjoy spending it!

  5. My guess is.... $54.75
    (and I vote for the dresser)

  6. My guess would be....
    and Starbucks ;)

  7. My guess is $63.53

    And I vote for the dresser :)

  8. I guess $68.99. Starbucks, please!

  9. Poor Ken Ken and The Circus Dog! ;)

    My guess is $29.13

    And Starbucks, of course!

  10. My guess is $43.18. And get the poor guy a sock drawer. :)

  11. I guess $52.53 and vote for the dresser. But are you being tricky and taking the 10 dollars out of the jar? Because then my answer would be less....... Starbucks please.

  12. I'm feelin' a little sorry for the mister too but if you asked him, he'd probably go with the garage door opener. I'm going to guess $52 & I prefer hot spiced chai tea to tater tots. Hope to see you & Andrea this weekend. Jan

  13. I and my kids love and enjoy piggy bank coin guessing. My kids have their own piggy bank and at the end of the year, we cash it all in. But, of course, we first guess how much money is in each piggy bank. The one who guesses it right will have a reward. It’s really fun! ->Harriett Faulks

    1. I love it! The mister and I always guess too!