Thursday, March 17, 2011

More Benefits of Hoarding

If my mantel isn't proof enough that good things come from hoarding, maybe this will convince you?

Exhibit A: 

What you're supposed to be looking at is that precious little picture.  Let's look a little closer.....

This darling little lady was tucked away in the special room.  I unearthed her recently and decided she should be placed in the bathroom above the toilet.

Golly, she makes me smile.

I love the little aquarium she's hovering over.  I love how her little legs are crossed.  I love the frame.

She was $4.95 on ebay.  I remember being shocked that I was the only bidder on this beauty.

I did not warn the mister before I put the nail in the wall for her to hang from.

He's over it now.

*   *   *   *

Exhibit B:

Behold the two landscape pictures:  

Both Salvation Army finds, although not on the same day.  Both $3.00 including the frames.  Both found under the bed in the special room.

*   *   *   *

In conclusion, I'd like to review two very important points......

#1.  The special room is, in fact, special.  Look at the loveliness that was recovered from the depths!  Who doesn't need a room filled with random things you've purchased in the past that are waiting patiently for their moment?

#2.  Hoarding thrifted finds in said special room yields decorating extravaganzas.  I didn't have to purchase anything new for those empty spots.  I simply walked down the hallway and crawled under a bed.  Now two barren walls in my house are beautifully filled with hoarded vintage treasures.
You wish you had a special room too.  I can sense it.


  1. Your special room is like Mary Poppins bag, never ending. I'm amazed what comes out of it! And my phone didn't show the new background, but I love it, especially with the new header!

  2. I also have a special room, or rooms & it seems to have spilled into the basement and garage. Lucky for me, I can call it inventory. Your blog does look great & even a new name -- I like it. OK, now I'm off to Lebanon to add to my special inventory. Jan

  3. Love the lil' lady. I do, I do.