Sunday, April 3, 2011


That's me.

A monster.

I've created one.  In myself.

This having a booth at an antique shop has me completely obsessed.  And with beautiful weather this weekend, the beast was unleashed.

First, I went on a rummaging frenzy at home.  My attic and special room yielded quite a few items that were priced and taken to Relics.  A vintage suitcase and an old Cream of Wheat ad, to name a few.

Next, unexpectedly finding an estate sale in my neighborhood sent me over the edge.

I became a raving lunatic, scooping up vintage this and that!  All marked with a quarter or one dollar.  Vintage linens were tucked under my chin, and vintage picnic paraphernalia dangled from each hand.  I didn't know I could carry that much.

I made out like a fat cat.  Yes I did.

And I'm pretty sure I had a crazed look in my eye the whole time I was there.  Especially when someone approached my pile, which I'd just put down so I could pay for it all.

I was very nice when I said that pile was spoken for.

I promise.

Finally, a trip to Red Rack closed out the impulsive shopping whirlwind.  And more was found which could be added to the inventory.  I was supposed to be going to the storage unit to hunt for more hoarded treasures, but got sidetracked along the way.

Yes, I have a storage unit.  

Just be quiet.

Anyway, the finds of the day were incredible.  Feast your eyes.......


All of this could be yours......

If I can part with it.


  1. I think I hear the Mister saying you are parting with these things, not bringing more home!

    And while you did mention the pile was spoken for...I thought if I turned around you might have pounced on him.

  2. The parting must have been successful as I saw some of these very things in your booth today! It looked awesome, girls!

  3. I love our booth. I love how you move things constantly. I love how I have a reason for going to the DAV, Goodwill, and garage stores on a more consistant basis. I am one happy monster (I woke up at 4 this morning thinking about it)

  4. sales not stores. Although some people could have a garage store (cough cough special room, storage unit, cough cough)