Thursday, April 14, 2011

What's for dinner?

Do you ever find yourself with no food in the house?

Well, guess what?  Your problem is solved!

I stumbled across a site that can produce a recipe based on what is in your cabinet.

My Fridge Food has a spot for you to click on things that you do have on hand (perishable to pantry items), and it produces recipes using only the ingredients you submitted.

I'm intrigued by it.

And I might be a little scared by it.

But overall, I think it sounds like a fun experiment! 

Not tonight though.

Tonight is a fish stick/mac-n-cheese night.  But not because my cupboards are empty.

I'm lazy.

For good reason though!  The MAP test (our state achievement test) began this week, and golly, it drains kids and teachers.  First of all, teachers have to be super prepared.

For instance, apparel during testing is of the utmost importance.  You need to be comfortable.  You should probably find a friend, and plan to wear something identical.  And it would just be better if the identical article of clothing was a shirt that said something like "#2 is #1, if you're a pencil."

Because you know you can't use mechanical pencils. 

And really, it's just funny.  Good ole test humor.  It lightens the mood.

Also, hula-ing at a MAP assembly really takes it out of ya.......

I was pretty much out of breath after our little number.

So, no food experiments tonight.

But I do need to coordinate next week's MAP outfits.


  1. I was too pooped to fix my dinner tonight so it was "noodle bowl" night from Samarai Sam's. My g'son is in the 3rd grade so he was telling me he was taking those tests. It's almost the weekend. You can both catch up on your rest. Jan

  2. Blah, boo, hiss for MAP testing. Hip Hip Hooray that after it is done we are down to five weeks. FIVE WEEKS!

  3. So.. what are next week's MAP outfits? We must get more shirts, yo!