Tuesday, April 26, 2011


It's Schlager's fault I'm addicted to two things she introduced me to.

One being Shuttercal.  Yep, I'm keeping up with the photo-a-day thing.  They are mostly mundane pictures of my day to day life, but as lame as they usually are, it's still going.

The second is new to me.  As of last night.  And in less than 24 hours, I've fallen into a deep obsession with it.

It is Pinterest.

I set up a Pinterest page last night, and I love it.  It is basically a spot to "pin" things you love.  A way to keep ideas from the web organized in one spot.

You see a room you love.  You pin it to your page.  You find a rug you love.  You pin it to your page.

I'm always bookmarking blogs or sites with pictures I like.  Or I'm saving them to my hard drive.  But not anymore!  Now, with Pinterest, I don't have to do all that bookmarking or downloading.  I simply pin it to my boards, and there it is, all organized and such, in one place.  I can even create my own categories of things to pin!

Brilliant, I say!

Check out my Pinterest page.  Make special note of my "wish list" board.  You should probably buy the chevron rug for me.  Any color will do.

Thanks in advance.

Just kidding!

Sort of.


  1. I'm glad it rubbed off on you! I also really like the new header font.

  2. Yes, I can totally see the use in Pinterest, now that I understand it.

    When I start thinking about designing my dream bedroom this summer, I will most definitely be using it!

    And honest to goodness, I really tried Shuttercal. I just CAN'T KEEP UP!

  3. I am not sure I understand pinterest, but it does look like a) a wonderful way to "window shop" in my pajamas, b) dream up my dream home stuff for when I win the lotto and c)another great way to procrastinate.
    But what is with the whole requesting to be invited? Do I have to be cool enough to be accepted?

  4. Amanda.....I am WITH YOU. It took me awhile to understand it. And the whole "invitation" thing bothered me. It took about five days to get the official invite, but I don't think they can investigate based on an email, so maybe it's just a way to filter through spam or something? I felt the same way though. What if they don't want me???? But they did, and they'll want you too! DO IT!!!!!!!

  5. YAY! I will "follow" you on there!!!