Sunday, April 17, 2011

Another Sir Story

Sir ELTON JOHN, that is!


You were expecting another Sir Chester story, huh?

Since I'd hate to disappoint you, I will share one quick escapade he's been on recently.

Sir Chester has taken to finding, playing with, and accidentally killing snakes.  In our backyard.  The tally is up to four, with one narrowly escaping death.

Let me tell you, I don't like snakes.  Dead or alive.  So luckily, the mister has been dealing with all the carnage.

But back to Elton.

On Wednesday, I got a phone call from the brother-in-law.  He asked if I wanted my sister's Elton ticket.  She had other non-negotiable plans.

Um, YES!

So last night I spent three hours listening to a legend......all his greatest hits, back to back, from the luxury of a suite.  The man is a beast.  He sang and played for three hours wardrobe changes.  I was in awe of his talent......that voice........his skills on a piano.......his accent.....

You bet I got a t-shirt. 

And took some video of his best song ever.

A once in a lifetime opportunity.

Thank you sissy and Seth.


  1. JEAAAALOUS! I love the t-shirt you picked!

  2. My mom might never forgive me. You would have thought she was a five year old last night.

  3. I've never heard so many rave reviews of a concert. Now I'm going back to watch your video. Lucky girl!!!!

  4. so glad you got to go. and jealous, but whatev. Love him so much.