Monday, April 11, 2011

Dedicated to Sarah and Ashley

I'm going to start reading a new book series.

I've resisted long enough.

If you hound me about something for a certain length of time, I might give in.  It's been known to happen.

Stupid peer pressure.

Just like Twilight.

You think your resolve is strong.  Then you end up with a snow day.  And you happen to have a borrowed copy.  You blow the dust off the cover.  Open it.  And suddenly you're on Team Jacob.

So let the reading commence......


  1. Team Jacob? REally?
    But I've only watched the movies and am just halfway through the book. Maybe I will change my mind.:)
    I need to finish Twilight before I move on to another series.

  2. One of my friends here told me about the Hunger Games. They sound ridiculously stupid. But I bought a used copy, and I started reading it a couple days ago, and I can't put it down! LOVE IT!

  3. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (evil laugh). I love it! It is a book I would read again for sure. So excited else meaningful to discuss at lunch time.

  4. You will LOVE IT!!! I can't wait to discuss. You will want to be Katniss Everdeen for Halloween next year. AND a movie is being made, which is even better.

    *sense my excitement, two posts in a row.

  5. Echoing Amanda... Team Jacob? Are you even kidding me???

    Yes, I hope to be on the Hunger Games bandwagon too. But... um... I have to finish Career Ladder first.

  6. YAY!!!! You will love it! :) And we all HAVE to see the movie!

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  8. I understand how you feel. Heck, you open this book and see 15 point type with line spacing like none you've seen since 5th grade and wonder, "how can this be any good?"

    But it is. So well written. Enjoy.

  9. YES to seeing the movie! Assuming I like it. ;)

    As for Joel, did you really read them too? Are you patronizing me? Do you need a good kick in the shin?

    Annnndd lastly, in regard to Team Jacob.......I suppose I could be swayed. Totally on the fence, if I'm being honest.