Saturday, April 9, 2011



I made my first sale in my Relics booth


It was a large basket.  I had retrieved it from my storage unit last weekend and took it to the booth last Sunday.

Actually, I had two matching baskets......

I'm so glad I'm a hoarder!

There's still one more over there, I think!!!!  It could be yours.  Imagine vintage umbrellas peeking out the top.  Or placing it on your hearth.  Or in an entry next to a cute table.

Hmmm.....wait.......maybe I need it!

*   *   *   *

What else?

Last night I ran out to a crazy antique sale.

And I mean CAAAA-RAZY.  

CRAZY GOOD, that is!

It's called Pheona's Vintage Market, and it's in the small town of Billings, MO......

This cute little house (and yard) is filled to the brim with outstanding vintage treasures.......

Becoming a monster would have been easy.  But it was so packed inside the house, that maneuvering with things tucked under the chin and arms would have been impossible.  So I remained calm and walked away with only two things.  

Even though I wanted half the contents of the house.  And yard.  Which is where I found my treasures:  an old ladder and wire shelf.....

Both of which are going in my booth. 

But not to sell. 

Yes, you'll see "not for sale" tags hanging from both.  I want them for display purposes.

The mister thinks everything I buy should be going to the booth and actually be for sale.

I don't think I'll tell him.


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE you're blog!! It's SO cute and fun!! You're right, it is a fun hobby! Thanks for the nice comment and becoming one of my followers! Got me excited!

  2. CARRIE! Thank you SO MUCH. I was so excited to see your comment! Can't wait to read more of YOUR blog!!!!

  3. I hate the people that display stuff in booths marked "not for sale" ... I guess this list now includes you. Such a shame.

  4. GASP! Hate is SUCH a strong word.

    But I get it. Cuz I'm a hater too. Of NFS tags in booths, when I like something. But them's the rules......mark it if it's for display only. I

    And I'm a rule follower.