Sunday, June 12, 2011

Looking in two directions

Last week.........

I'm glad I only spent $3.00 on a sample of paint because the one I chose was way too dark........

This frustrated me, so the special room got no more attention after the mishap.  But it was also a good thing.  I now know I need to go way lighter.

Another good thing?  Finding a trifle dish for $3.98, so I could get my domestic escapades on......

And filling this cute green shelf ($4) with fun yard sale finds.......

Mostly for the booth, of course!

*    *    *    *

This week.........

All my pillow purchases should arrive no later than Tuesday.  This makes me giddy.

More domestic escapades will be attempted...........a blueberry coffee cake for our weekly Bachelorette gathering.............and some tasty treats for a bridal shower I'm helping out with.

Then, the biggest and best event of them all?  The Arnold and Boschen wedding!!!!  Can't wait to be involved in all the festivities surrounding this joyous occasion!

I'm practicing the robot so that Sarah can capture all of my hot moves.

Don't worry Ash, Sarah will probably take some pictures of you too.


  1. Oh I wish you could have heard the obnoxious laugh I just did when I read that last line...Maybe we should practice our dance moves tomorrow night.

  2. I am a bit jealous of your trifle dish find. When I made one for Easter I was somewhat ghetto and put it in a casserole-ish dish. (Csn trifle and ghetto be used together??)

  3. Ha ha ha!! I'll be sure to capture all your moves :) we also need to figure out some sort of bribe for the bride...I want that pool shot :)

  4. 1. Can't wait to see the pillows
    2. Thank you for resurfacing my fear (ha)
    3. I am NOT jumping in the pool if this is what you speak of, no trashing the dress for this lady.
    4. I would be interested to see what did happen if someone were to be in the pool...

  5. Ashley - I will provide a different dress :) Or we can just make Danavee jump this would work as well :) A jumping bridesmaid :)