Sunday, June 19, 2011

Wedding Week Recap

The last few days have been a whirlwind of activity!  A fun whirlwind though.  Ashley and Chris are officially hitched, and the whole thing went off without, uh, um, a....hitch!

One event from this week was Ashley's bridal shower.  Lots of folks chipped in to make this a success:  Nancy's guacamole, Whit's house, Schlag's chips, Pullan's famous salsa, Amy and Wirth's excellent beverage choices, and Katie's fun game.  Oh, and did I mention that everyone got to be my guinea pig?  I tried my hand at a new concoction:  fruit tacos......

Cinnamon tortillas + cream cheese spread + fruit = tasty, sweet treat for a Mexican themed wedding shower!  Margarita flavored cupcakes from Alexandria's Cupcake Cottage weren't too bad either!

The very next day we hit up the venue for set up and then the rehearsal that night.  Ash got all the girls super cute gifts..........vintage aprons and silly sunglasses......

Finally, the big day rolled around.  I got to fill the car with Farmer's Market flowers that morning......

Then by noon, we were off and running........getting ready for pictures and the ceremony.  The day flew by, and before I knew it, I was walking down the aisle, dancing at the reception, and posing for fun photos.........

I'll leave the wedding details and photos up to the bride and photographer.  But I will give you one little tidbit.  Probably my favorite feature of the reception........a photobooth with silly props........

Congratuations Ash and Chris!  You are a perfect match!  Thank you for choosing to have me be a part of your special day.


  1. I'll be your guinea pig ANYDAY for fruit tacos!!!

    I LOVE all the photobooth ones. That was so fun.

  2. How cute are those pictures! Glad Ashley's day was a success. And margarita cupcakes?? I have yet to find a margarita I didn't like either (much like cakes). :)

  3. Oh I wish I could have sat at the photo booth all night :( the pictures are awesome. Thanks for making my week simply splendid.

  4. So fun! Those fruit tacos sound amazing!

    Did you go to the concert with Nancy? Hilarious, I actually know Nancy through one of my best friends in Republic! Such a small, small world!