Thursday, September 22, 2011

A Conversation

Roughly two days into the brand new school year, there occurred a brief dialogue betwixt myself and a ten-year-old girl in my class......

Girl:  "Mrs. Long, how old are you?"

Me:  "Thirty-six."

Girl:  "And you have feathers in your hair?"

Me:  "Um, yes."

*   *   *  *

Normally, I do not put much stock into the opinions of fourth graders ~ regarding my fashion choices.  But this one had me almost worried.  Was I too old for a few feathers in my hair?  They weren't neon green or anything.  They were barely visible, skinny feathers, in muted colors. 


*   *   *  *

Tonight, after my haircut, my hairdresser wanted to know if I wanted to put my feathers back in.    

I said yes.  

And added a bright blue one to the mix.

So.  There.


  1. Lovin' the blue feather! Never too old...unless you tie your shirt on the side with the plastic clip.....

  2. I was thinking never too old unless you started taking a self picture every morning before work and commented about how your feathers are working for you that day. If you do that, you run the risk of an intervention.

  3. Keep rocking the feathers, Mrs. Long!

  4. hahahaha... love that picture!!!!