Monday, September 19, 2011

Fall Frenzy

After work today, I sort of went on a rampage.

A pumpkin buying rampage. 

I filled an old Radio Flyer with heirloom variety pumpkins......

I blame the gorgeous weather after the dreary weekend we had.

Anyway, I just couldn't resist.  I needed to be outside, and the best pumpkin "patch" in the world (with awesome prices) was on my way home.  They have an excellent selection.  From the typical jack-o-lantern style to gourds.  They have mini pumpkins, hay, cornstalks, mums.  EVERYTHING for fallifying your home.

Look at the perfect stems and vines..........

And how cute is a collection of baby pumpkins in a vintage compote..........

Schlag, thanks for making me buy that compote.

Oh, and one more thing.  My mum.......

I think my house is fallified.

With one exception.........Jan, I need to come raid your bittersweet vines.


  1. HAHA! As I saw the baby pumpkins my first thought to comment was "Oh wow, you must have a great friend to convince you that you MUST have that!" And then I scrolled down.

    And Jan, I want to come too!!!!

  2. OK! Is fallifying a real word? You're a teacher -- you can't be making up words. I'll go out tomorrow & dig up one of my vines then you & Andrea are welcome to come over whenever. Happy Fallifying!!!! Jan

  3. Do we not have the best place to get pumpkins or what! Seriously, I wait very impatiently every year for that place to open! Forget the fact that we tend to go overboard a little bit...;o)

  4. Oh I need to get on this. The first day of fall is Thursday, been trying to resist. I need an outing with you and Schalg

  5. That's the prettiest mum I've ever seen was that also from this pumpkin patch??