Sunday, September 4, 2011

Slow as molasses...

Motivation ebbs and flows in this here household.  Regarding the progress of any home decor related projects.

Since the lights were installed, there's been a whole lotta nothin going on around here. 

But then something happened.  A cause for inspiration.

I came home to find my piano back home in its pre-hardwood floors spot.  It had been displaced since December, so walking in and finding it back home made me h.a.p.p.y.  And it put me back in the decorating mood. 

But it also came with a problem.

Remember my mantel?  That spot gave me fits, until I had an epiphany.  Now it's just like I want it.

But here I am again with a vast amount of space to stage. 

I have a mirror that I think I'd like to center over it, but from there I'm stuck.....

Do I do a collage wall?  Random sizes of mirrors or pictures?  Like this..... 

Found on Pinterest

Or various plates......

Found on Pinterest

I'm sure it will hit me suddenly, like my mantel idea did.  Then I'll be in a frenzy to find everything I want to complete it.  Or I may just have everything.  In my still unfinished special room.


I know.

I'm such a loser.

But back to the piano.  Opinions are welcome.


  1. I vote for the plates or something different like that, since you have some frames on the mantel. Whatever you do will be fabulous. Any extra ideas you have for above a piano I will gladly take b/c above mine is a big bare wall. I need just one big item - suggestions?

  2. Lionel Richie would vote for the plates.

  3. I agree with the plates as well I'm sure you would have a blast hunting for vintage ones if you don't already have some.