Friday, July 8, 2011

And then there was light!

Bob was a rock star this week.  He came and went in one day........getting all three bedrooms up to snuff in the lighting department. 

No more skanky fluorescent bulbs in wooden window boxes that barely work.

I can't tell you what it's like to go in any of the bedrooms and actually SEE things.

What luxury!

Except for the fact that two of the rooms got (deep breath) ceiling fans.

For true, my friends.

And you know how I feel about ceiling fans

But one bedroom is the "man room" so the mister insisted on choosing his own fixture.  And guess what he wanted?

Next, we were dealing with a very poorly ventilated master bedroom.  Basically, we wake up drenched in sweat every single night despite the no matter what the air is set on.  So for sound sleeping purposes, I relented and ceiling fan number two was purchased. 

To make up for the tragic-ness of buying ceiling fans, the special room was going to get something that was sure to be, um, special.  And vintage.

In fact, I'd had the fixture in the special room for quite some time.  Under the bed in a box.  Found it on ebay years ago and had been saving it for this very purpose........

One step closer to a finished special room.  Now that the light boxes are gone and the walls are patched, it's paint time!!!

Who is good with a brush or roller?


  1. HAAAAAA! Don't trust her, Danavee. I've heard the stories.