Friday, July 22, 2011

While the mister's away....

I buy large antique wardrobes.

Not everyday or anything.  Just once.

Sort of.  (The other very small $10 dresser doesn't really count.)

But this one will probably be noticed...........

I found it at Pheona's monthly sale.........just hours after I'd dropped the mister off for his two weeks of out-of-state Annual Training (Army stuff).  So I was sort of in a fragile state.  Two weeks without the mister were staring me in the face.  Retail therapy was the only cure.

So I bought it.

Then I had a terrible case of buyer's remorse.

Until it was delivered.

And now it's in my special room.  Most of the remorse has evaporated.


The mister returns tomorrow.  Let's take bets on how long it takes him to notice it..........and see if my remorse which case, I'll be taking bids on it............


  1. Well first of all, let's hope the mister doesn't check your blog while traveling home. Otherwise I say you act like it's been in the garage allll along. I still think it's gorgeous!

  2. Would it help take his mind off of the dresser if, say, I was hiding in it? And when he sees it for the first time and possibly starts to scold you, I could pop out, screaming Spanish exclamatory phrases? The idea behind this being that he ends up being thankful (after he's recovered from the scare) that it's just me and not a wild, murderous bandito?

    Let me know because I will have to learn some Spanish exclamatory phrases if this plan is a go.

  3. Oh it is absolutely gorgeous! The dresser for $10 sounds like an absolute bargain too.