Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Let there be light!

In the middle of setting off fireworks, Bob surprised us with a phone call last night.  He was ready to come for his next project.


So I'm anxiously awaiting Bob's arrival this morning, not to mention the completion of his project.  I threw out a hint about this very small overhaul about a month ago.  Finishing this little project will allow us to finally paint and finish the bedrooms.  I'm hoping Bob's upgrade only takes a day, maybe two.

This project probably won't be too exciting for all of you.  But after living with fluorescent bulbs in wooden boxes above every bedroom window for five years, I am flipping out.  First of all, the wooden light boxes are not esthetically pleasing.........

Second of all, the light they produce is minimal.  We practically need flashlights to see in each of the bedrooms.

Third of all, they often flicker.  Like in a scary movie when someone is about to get the ax.  Then they might stay on, but more often they flicker until they go out completely.

Why, oh why would someone choose to light a house this way?

Dear Builder of my house,

What the heck where you thinking?
I realize it was 1967 when you made this 
choice, but really?  Even a caned blade
ceiling fan would have been better than this.

Love,  Dana-v

*   *   *   *

Speaking of light, the 4th of July was excellent.  It's not a true 4th unless you light up the sky.......

Or blow up a mailbox......

The mister and I had nothing to do with this.  Innocent bystanders.  I swear.

Hope your 4th was explosive too!


  1. Happy fourth! I DID NOT know your bedrooms had such questionable lighting choices!!! Woww! I can't wait to see how you upgrade.

  2. I think this makes me more excited than the fridge being moved back to the kitchen... maybe. Pretty equal at least. Can I come paint while KenKen is gone?