Thursday, July 14, 2011

A Prayer

Dear Lord,

I have but one small request while the Hoodenpyle family is away.  They've entrusted me with the care of their pets.  Sooo please, please give me the skills to keep Blue the Betta alive. 

I'm a little worried about adding water to his tank, as it's dropped considerably in 24 hours.  And I sort of had a mishap years ago with my betta when I changed his water.  So now I have betta-water-changing-anxiety.

I have to keep Jack's fish alive.

Have.  To.



P.S.  Could you also protect me when I go feed Cookie?  You never know when the devil cat will attack.

P.S.S.  Hey, and see if Whit will bring me a t-shirt or something?  Wolves baying at the moon maybe!


  1. I love this post too. Hahahaaaaaa.

    Blue looks happy. I think he's smiling. And his water doesn't look like it's dropped drastically to me. Maybe you're just extra worried. They can survive in those tiny little cups of water at Walmart, ya know. You'll do just fine.

    Cookie is a crappy cat. You can kill her if you want. .... Just kidding.... Sort of.

  2. just stumbled across your blog, and have enjoyed reading! Conciser me your newest follower!

  3. I have so much faith in your ability to care for animals. It was my responsibility to take care of Sage's fish when they all went to the beach -- he did call a couple of times to give me instructions but the fish is still alive. You can do it.