Monday, October 3, 2011

Love & Hate: Work Edition

When school starts, I can think of nothing else than longing for it to be October.

Why?  I want to know my kiddos.  I want to have our routines established.  I want to feel like I'm back in the groove.

Usually, by October, most of that is in place. 

And by October, I usually have some work related joys.  And woes.

Here is one of each......

Love:  Random bouquets of flowers

Today, one of my precious girls showed up with two.  dozen.  roses.  For me.

I mean, the mister hasn't even done that.  Come on.

But seriously, the little gifts, whether it's a card, one of their stuffed animals, or two dozen roses make you feel dyn-o-mite no matter what.

And the fact that it was a Monday didn't get the week started off right and all.

*   *   *   *

Hate:  Smelly Shirts

Yes, people.  You read that right.  Shirts that smell.

Remember Scratch & Sniff stickers?

Well, times have changed, and now they make Scratch & Sniff shirts.

I experienced the horror last Monday.  A child (that shall remain nameless) wore a garlic Scratch & Sniff shirt.

This being the most offensive of them all, so sayeth unnamed child.

He owns all. seven. scents.

His team couldn't even stand the smell.  They begged to sit elsewhere that day.

He found it pretty amusing.

The next day he wore peanut butter and jelly.....

It was bearable.

But still.  I can only imagine the horror that awaits me.

There are, after all, five more shirts to go.


  1. seriously...who dreams up stuff like scratch & sniff shirts! oh wait...those would be the cousins of the scratch & sniff sticker inventions! Ughh..that would drive me crazy!

  2. Garlic? What kind of parent buys those shirts? (Dumb question - I know what kind of parent.) Those shirts should be against dress code.... a distraction to the learning process. YUCK!

  3. I'm with you on the arrival of October.

    I wonder if that kid will wear that shirt during MAP testing and if there's a spot to report it on the student information sheet. Goes to speech, needs a scribe, wore a stank shirt, etc.