Wednesday, October 19, 2011


Awhile back, on Pinterest, I came across a neato idea for staging a kitchen with cake pedestals......using them for something other than cake.....


Brilliant!  Stacking books or plates on top!  Easy to replicate.  And free, since I'm a hoarder.

So I got to stacking.

And I hated how the books turned out.....

Then the plates didn't look quite right either (but after staring at this pic for a bit, this one is growing on me).....

What about a set of nesting bowls instead?

Uh, no.

I kinda liked an arrangement of more of my ivory pottery pieces.......

But I still wasn't sold.

So when I went to put all that stuff back, I looked at another collection I have and love.

Vintage tea towels?


(Now don't you dare go using any of those babies.  They are just.  for.  looks.)

Thanks again, Pinterest for the inspiration. 

(Pinspiration......get it???)


  1. i love it! and definitely the best choice of your options!

  2. The towels look great, but I liked the pottery equally. (Is that a correct sentence?)