Monday, October 10, 2011

Strollers, Taffy, and a Sharpie

Remember when I went to Silver Dollar City a few months back?

Well, how awful is it that we got Season Passes and hadn't returned once?

I reminded the mister of this recently, telling him he'd promised to take me in the fall during their Harvest Festival.  And again at Christmas.

Only part of that was actually true.  Just the Christmas part.

But it worked.  Because yesterday, we went.

However, it came with a special request.  Could we take his sister's two boys?  Our one and three year old nephews?

Yes.  Yes, we could.

So after we filled up on taffy........

Bought a "souvenir mug"...........

And rode tons of rides..........

They were out within minutes at the end of the day.....

And when I got home, I had only enough strength to Sharpie my mug (for our next trip at Christmas) before I crashed too.....

Because pushing strollers uphill at an amusement park is pretty much dead to me.

But protecting one's souvenir mug from potential mug-snatchers must be taken seriously.

Regardless of how many hills you've climbed while pushing a stroller.


  1. I hope the mug snatchers choke on a funnel cake.

    Officially still bitter.

  2. a) What a good aunt you are!
    b) I did a mini-snort reading Whitney's comment. I would feel the same way, Whit, if it had happened to me.