Monday, November 7, 2011

The Big Red Coat

Once upon a time, I thought this coat was the hottest number around.....

Taken last Friday

Circa 1997 (in my JCPenney shoe department days) I was browsing the coat clearance on a break.  Found that red gem.  Made it mine.  

I really did think it was the best thing going in outerwear.  Maybe the crazy discount ($150 for $25) had me.  Maybe the real fur trimmed hood was it?  Wait, it was waterproof too.  So many great features.  And it was favorite color.

It was such a good deal, and so fetching, that I talked my sister into getting one also......

Circa 1997

Anyway, this was the number I was strutting down Grand in (hood up), when I took my fall into the street.  

At least the oncoming vehicle could see me. 

*   *   *   *

And so here we are today.  You might be asking, "Why do you still have that thing?  Why?"

Two words:  recess duty.

Best teacher coat ever.


  1. This is the greatest coat I've ever seen. In my JCP days I also bought some mislead fashion choices due to extreme discount. I would love to see you fall in this coat and at recess in it! Love the pic circa 1997 too funny!!

  2. Hey, that coat could have saved you serious injuries. You should see the coat history I had during our stay in Minn. Fashion meant nothing -- surviving the cold was everything. I love your red coat. Stay warm! Jan

  3. Perfect recess coats make me smile!

    I'm still waiting for a model pose pic with you, Whit and Chris.

  4. hahaha! love it! you better hold on to that coat, the fashion trend may come back around!

    in the mean time, rock that coat in front of your elementary kiddos!

  5. Also handy for walking over to see your favorite art teacher!

  6. This post inspired me to go rifling through my computer files and dig up a treaure. I'm emailing you a recess duty red-coat-love picture momentarily. Oh yeah, yo... Blowing up your inbox with red coat magical memories.