Sunday, November 20, 2011

One Week In

Decluttering Challenge weekly update time......
  • After a trip to a resale shop, I'm $37 richer annnnnd minus eight articles of clothing (thanks sis for taking it in). 
  • Made another pile of over 40 items ready for a spring trip to the resale shop.
  • Gave the sister-in-law a bag of ten random items.
  • Threw away only three things.
  • Put over 20 things in a garage sale tub.
  • And made a donate pile. 
  • The Relics pile grew a little larger too.
Not bad, right?
    But while in the midst of working on this challenge, the house was volunteered for the mister's 30th birthday gathering with his family.  So the decluttering was put on hold in order to make the house presentable.

    Oh, and happy 30th to the mister.  (Who got a wild hare this week to rip up the carpet in his manroom and paint it too.  Before we knew we were having the shindig.)  We did have a lovely little outing with all our favorite friends to celebrate on Saturday.  Thank you to everyone who came out.  We really like you people.

    But back to the house.  This means sacrifices had to be made to get it to a presentable level.  The special room and garage became hiding spots.  The progress I'd made on each of these areas became null and void.

    Here's why it's all okay.......each room of my house is sparkling and decluttered, with the exception of those two hiding spots.  Keep those doors closed, and you'd never know I was a hoarder!  

    Another positive........all my junk is now confined to those two if I can focus all my energy on those spaces, we may have a completely decluttered house by the new year!

    I'm really trying folks!

    And I'm dying over this clean house (thanks to mom and the mister for help).  Love it. 

    To be continued.......


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    1. Sorry to use your blog as a mister connection but Happy Birthday! I always forget our b-days aren't that far apart! Hope he's feeling not a day over 29 as I am still in a touch of denial.