Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More Falling Stories

Back by popular demand.

Well, maybe only two people.  But for those two, here they are......

First fall:  College freshman at SBU in Bolivar, MO.  In the library.  On the stairs going to the second floor.  Looking for my (unrequited) crush of the year.  I was running up the stairs, because HE was up there.  And I tripped.  And fell down about three steps.  Only to look up and see HIM watching from above.


And that story makes me sound like a creeper-stalker.


Second fall:  College junior at MSU in Springfield, MO.  Walking down a snow and ice covered sidewalk right along Grand Ave. (busy street) to the commuter lot.  One wrong step and boom I was down.  But not on the sidewalk.  In the street.  Yes, I managed to fall and slide into the path of oncoming traffic.

I'm a fast crawler and scrambled to my safety with a few yards to spare.  Luckily, I had on a huge red coat (which is a blog entry in itself) so no one could identify me.


Or is my third falling story the awesome-est?

You be the judge.


  1. Muah-hahahahaha! Yep, that's how I laughed. Out loud. When I read that post. Falling into the street was good, but being a fast crawler almost made me shoot snot when I pictured it and your face. I'm so glad you survived that awful moment. I didn't even see fall number 3 on Saturday either! I was too busy frantically texting Pullan.

  2. Laughed out loud. And then laughed AGAIN reading about Schlager's laugh.

    I had the very same kind of stalker fall up some stairs at Glendale in between classes. We're both clutzy creepers. Mortifying.

  3. haha...thanks for sharing! and just to make you feel better I'll share one of my own. One of my first dates with future theater at Campbell 16, leaving a movie and enjoying ourselves, me wearing heels gabbing & talking as I walk down the stairs.

    Definitely missed one of the last stairs and catapulted (sp?) myself to the bottom of the you can imagine I am reminded to "watch my step" every time we visit a movie theater!

    Just wanted you to know that you're not alone!

  4. I have to say all of them are awesome! Not sure if one can beat the other. I have cracked up while your post and reading others comments. I can't wait to hear about the COAT! ;)

  5. COME ON EVERYONE! The very best part about this whole entry is the red coat. If it is the red coat I am imagining (and by golly I hope it is) it couldn't have BEEN a more entertaining sight. Now the question becomes, was the hood up or down? And were stone washed jeans worn underneath? That coat is a life saver!

  6. I'm thinkin' you could be a stand-up comic. Thanks so much for your comment & hope you & Andrea know how much I appreciate your loyalty. Maybe someday soon we could have lunch on a Sat. Jan

  7. So glad you gave the other stories. I have racked my brain for a good fall story of my own and just can't think of one. Plenty of embarassing moments come to mind they just don't involve falling.