Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fashion Muse

Oh, Pinterest.  You are good for so many things............craft and recipe ideas..........home decor shenanigans.............even teaching resources!

But who knew my new fashion muse would be a website? 

Yep, Pinterest even can influence your wardrobe.

For instance, this outfit had me at H.E.L.L.O............


I mean, I was overcome at the sight of a denim shirt with black pants and brown boots.  So I set out to make it mine.

I had the black skinny jeans and boots.  I just needed a denim shirt.  Cue a trip to the mall, and voila......

Thanks Old Navy!

Luckily, I've pinned some outfits that won't send me back to the mall.

See?  That's the beauty of Pinterest.  Giving new ideas for things you already may have!

And quite possibly, causing you to want things you don't have.

But everyone needs a denim shirt.



  1. you look adorable! great fall look! Maybe I'll try this next year when I'm not almost 9 months preggo! ha!

  2. LOVE it!!! When are we doing a photoshoot?