Wednesday, May 15, 2013

What I Wore (on Mother's Day)

On Mother's Day, I decided to surprise my mom at church.

She was expecting an afternoon visit at home, so I knew this would catch her completely off guard.  

(I got a two-for-one special, as dad was just as surprised!)

After church, pa took the official Mother's Day photo.  We must have channeled each other.  White on bottom, pattern on top.......

I think a new favorite outfit was born when I was scrambling to get ready that morning.

I needed to be warm.  Church is always cold.

But I wanted to be springy. 

I'd had that top for awhile and hadn't worn it.  Chalk it up to a styling block.

Somehow, in a fashion frenzy, it all came together.......

Now that I'm over my fear of wearing ivory pants, I kind of want a pair of plain white too.

That is, until I have a run in with a Sharpie in the classroom.

Or slip on a puddle of tomato soup in the cafeteria.

With ten days of school left, I'll take my chances.

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  1. Hello,
    Love the striped shirt! I've shied away from white pants but the ivory looks great one you, might try that color instead.
    Found you on Rolled up Pretty

  2. Looking cute, as usual! Again, I have to applaud you for risking it with the white pants! Muck just has a way of making it's way to white but you seem to be fighting it off.
    10 days? What are you going to do with yourself?! Yay summer!!!

  3. I'm cracking up because I"m envisioning you popping up from a pew and yelling "surprise!" Or even doing that from the baptism area mid sermon.

  4. You can definitely tell you're related....great pic! Just remember when you buy white pants to buy bleachable. Hope you have a great summer. Jan

  5. That outfit is super cute! I'd wear that in a heartbeat!

  6. Love the outfit and it is always great to surprise parents!!!

  7. How cute that you guys match! I get nervous wearing my white pants too but I figure there's always bleach if I stain them badly :)

    The Tiny Heart
    Target Giveaway!

  8. You have some good genes/jeans :). Your mom is adorable. Loved that both you and your mom happened to be wearing white pants. I hope your mom had a wonderful Mother's day!

  9. Good job on the surprise...i love surprises like that. Loving that "springy" shirt! And your mom and I are on the same page...I have rocked that exact sweater with white jeans too!


  10. What a wonderful surprise for your mother and you both looked very nice.

  11. You're so cute! I love that you suprised your mom at church! What a special mother's day suprise! :-)

  12. this...why in the world is this the FIRST time your wore this top....I better see it again!!! :)

  13. Girrrrrrrrrllll.. I think your mom's got you beat.. she looks super cute in that sweater!!!

  14. You and your mom look beautiful!!

  15. Brave! I still haven't tried white pants. I just *know* they'll get something unremovable on them the very first time I wear them. Mud from the puppy. Food. Something. It'll happen.

  16. Way to be brave...Hope your pants stay white!

  17. Wow I can't believe how similar your outfits are by total chance! I love them both, you have such a stylish mum too, both look beautiful.

  18. I LOVE that striped shirt! I'm glad you overcame the styling challenge. That outfit seems like a keeper, perfect for when you have to rush out in the morning!

    1. Thank you! Good ole ModCloth (shirt). Yes, I need those go-to outfits!