Wednesday, June 5, 2013

What I Wore (to my high school reunion)

Over the weekend I attended my high school reunion.

Friday and Saturday were both held at downtown venues.  So while they were casual events, I wanted to wear something other than blue jeans (but still be comfortable).

I thought ivory and black skinnies with simple tees and fun shoes would do the trick...........

ivory skinnies  //  red tee  //  black skinnies  //  striped tee

(Never mind our tall grass.  It has since been dealt with.)


The reunion was great.

I'll admit that I wasn't all that excited about going, but I'm so glad I did.  I had way more fun than I ever anticipated.

Walking down memory lane was a good way to kick off summer.

Even if it meant fog machines and director's chairs........

Who ever thought this was a good idea?



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  1. OH MAN, I love that senior pic. :) Epically awesome.

  2. Glad you had fun and looked cute doing it. Great senior pic though! Everyone has some kind of picture like that. Or a Glamour-shot...

  3. Your senior photo is AWESOME!I think I burned all copies of mine :)

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  4. LOVE your senior picture!!! Hehehe. :)
    Glad you had fun. And your outfits are great. :)

  5. Am I the only one thinking you are totally channeling Jesse from Saved By The Bell in that pic?? LOVE IT!!!

  6. Replies
    1. THANK YOU! And to think THAT was what I thought "cool" was then!?!

  7. That is a pretty fantastic photo! You had some serious hair going on! :) Very cute. I agree with the Saved by the Bell comment! (^^)

  8. Cute striped shirt! (Everything I am buying lately has stripes.)
    I also agree w/ the Saved by the Bell comment! :)

    I have an 8th grade picture with the director's chair and a flannel shirt from American Eagle that I was very proud of. I am sad that fog was not an option for my photo.

  9. I will never look at you the same after seeing that high school picture. haha. It's too classic! I am dying!

    Love the outfits, def redeemed yourself!

  10. Haha, tell me you were at least involved in Drama in high school, to warrant that director's chair?

    Both reunion looks are cute, though. Glad you had fun!

  11. hahah fog machines and director chairs- oh man did that make me laugh. and i like the outfits you decided to go with- they're definitely put together but casual. that definitely sounds like a great way to start the summer :D

    xo Marlen
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  12. I love that you were brave enough to share your senior picture. I think my hair may have been a touch bigger than yours, though :). I am glad to hear you went to your reunion and that you had fun. I hope you have recovered :)

  13. Just found your blog!
    Now following!
    Looking forward to keeping up and getting to know you more!


  14. Dying over your senior picture!! Dear God, you should see mine!!! What WERE we thinking? Glad you had fun!! Mine is coming up in a few years and I am still on the fence on whether I will go.

  15. You looked so great for your reunion! Also, sorry, but your sr pic made me laugh pretty hard. :-) You looked adorable in it but the pic itself is funny! :-)

  16. OMG I'm DYING over your picture!!! You're so amazing! Love that you went comfy casual with your looks.


  17. hahaha! this senior pic is awesome! and I love your reunion outfits, it was such a struggle when I was trying to decide what to wear for min!

  18. Haha! Awkwardly posed senior pictures are the best! You looked super cute for your reunion too!

  19. Fog machines! That is the best senior pic ever. I need to go bust out mine for a good laugh. Love it!