Friday, September 5, 2008

An Addiction

I'm Danavee, and I'm addicted to Guitar Hero. Yes, you heard me.

The other night, after a VERY long day at school (complete with a 7:00 date for Parent Night), I went to Kenny's. What do I find when I get there? Kenny dueling Slash! He was getting down on the guitar, thanks to his new PS3 game. After a long day, I figured that a little video gaming wouldn't hurt! So I clicked on the easiest and slowest setting possible and attempted to finish a song!

As for games, I really want Rock Band. I thought (and STILL think) Rock Band is/was the best invention ever, but now that I'm learning how this guitar/bass contraption works, the more I love it! With Rock Band, the only instrument I cared about was the drums. Oh, and I'll sing too! The microphone is my friend! But the guitar is growing on me! My only problem? With the way Kenny was laughing at me, I think I bop, sway, and bounce too much. And I'm not very good at the actual guitar playing.

So tonight, after sushi, maybe I will try to conquer that Pat Benatar song one more time.


  1. I've not tried either of these - if they were half as fun as the Dance Revolution games, I would be in trouble.

    Pat Benetar? How'd you do? Love is a Battlefield, you know.

  2. Dance Revolution is also on my all time fave list, for sure! And I'm throwing down a challenge! Just like you took me down at Dance Revolution, I believe I could battle it out with you and take YOU down with Guitar Hero! Come on, Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

  3. Ohhh... is THAT how it's gonna be?

    Well, you're a real tough cookie with a long historyyy, of talkin' lots o' trash, Guitar hero wannabeeee.

  4. I bet you look no worse playing Guitar Hero than these people look playing "Guitar Idol." Guitar Whaaat?

  5. Come on, Whitney, come on! You don't fight fair, but that's O.K., see if I care! Knock me down, it's all in vain. I'll get right back on my feet again!

    When I clicked on that link, it said "you are not allowed access." Sounds serious! I will just have to google it!

  6. Oh Danavee, please, please post a video of you and your Pat Benetar thing! It sounds like it would be really fun to watch!

  7. So my neice has rock band, maybe I could borrow and you two could battle it all out. She also has Twister dance something or other.

    I agree with Jill......we need a video

  8. If You Give a Mouse A.... I mean, If You Blog About Pat Benatar, by Me.

    If you blog about Pat Benatar, your readers will want a video.

    If your readers want a video (and do not get it), your readers will say "GOOOOSH!"

    If your readers say "GOOOSH!", they may also throw a steak at your head.

    If your readers throw a steak at your head, they may be reminded that you do an EXCELLENT Napoleon Dynamite voice.

    If your readers are reminded about your Napoleon Dynamite voice, they will likely be reminded of Andrea's dinosaur voice.

    If your readers are reminded of Andrea's dinosaur voice, they might go read Andrea's blog/comments.

    Oh geeeez. I exhaust myself.

  9. You have sweet rhyming skills, commenting on blog skills, and poetry writing skills.