Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Bungee Racer

When Whitney posted her entry about inflatable contraptions, it reminded me of my ALL TIME FAVORITE inflatable game: The Bungee Racer!

Last spring, our PTO hosted an event complete with kick-ball tournaments and inflatable jumping opportunities! That's when I spotted the bungee racer! Seeing it transported me back to a band event years ago, where I first participated in a bungee racing competition. My memory of it consists of cracking up non-stop for the five minutes it took to play. So there it was, right in front of me! I couldn't WAIT to find an opponent! That's when one of my students approached and threw down a challenge! If I played against him in a basketball throw, he'd compete in the bungee race with me! It was ON!

The bungee racer is made up of two lanes, divided by a wall with velcro along the top. You are strapped to a harness which is attached to the back wall. The point? To run straight forward with a velcro covered marking piece and attach it as far down the divider wall as possible, before the bungee cord you are strapped to snaps you back! Each person gets about 3 attempts, and when you've gone as far as the cord will allow, you are snapped back so quickly that you completely lose your footing, and are flung to the bouncing floor of the lane. The hilarity that ensues is beyond words. You simply laugh for the entire time you are up there. It is quite honestly THE most fun inflatable contraption EVER!

So as you can see, as the race was going down, a photographer captured this moment in time. As soon as we finished, he approached to record the specifics. He happened to be a reporter. It landed in the Republic paper.


  1. You and I must find this contraption again. Game on.

    I love the face, by the way.

  2. Why thanks. Had I known the moment was a Kodak one, I may have turned toward the camera as I lunged and flashed a toothy smile. Think Orbit gum commercial smile!

    And I am ALL OVER a Bungee Run competition! The Renegades competing against each other, how great would that be?

  3. The picture is so great! I agree with Whit, love the face. Let me know if the two you find the contraption, I'll have my camera ready to see which one of the two of you win. Oh and I got winner!

  4. We need to keep our ears open for any bungee events that might be available to promote an opening or some other festivity. It is a very fun contraption, just hurts your neck if you do it too much.