Friday, September 12, 2008

The First Football Game

Today was the longest day ever.

Picture Day + Grandparent's Day + First Football Game = Exhaustion

Pictures: One of my boys was consumed with his hair. Every few minutes he would ask me if his bangs were curling.

Grandparent's Day: Uneventful, but always long and tiring..........mainly because the kids were WILD! In the midst of the wildness, I heard a kiddo exclaim, "I sure wish the water fountains could shoot out Gatorade!"

Football Game: I discovered something tonight that I didn't expect to. After watching a good first attempt at our halftime show, I realized that I don't like giving up control of my color guard girls. I thought stepping back and giving up some of my responsibilities would be a breeze. And it has been so far. Until tonight.

It hit me as soon as we stepped on the field. I had NO CLUE what they were doing! Then as I watched them, the feeling got worse! Every single year, I have known exactly what everything was supposed to look like. I could've performed in their place! But tonight, I was a fish out of water. And I hated it. I never thought I'd feel like I was missing out when I scaled back on marching band/color guard duties.

I must be crazy. Let's blame it on the full moon.


  1. That would be cool if the water fountains sprayed out gatorade. Maybe we could have a teacher one with something stronger!!!

  2. Well, that seems doable. After all, we DO have "teachers only" bathroom stalls. I elect Andrea to head up the committee that pushes this.

  3. I think you are crazy. I know you are a control freak as am I, but remember all the long practices and early morning haze you had to go through? Do you want to go back to that? Maybe you do, and if so more power to ya lady!

  4. You are not doing the color guard this year???? It won't be the same.

  5. Jill, thank you! Yes, I'm doing color guard but I stepped back with the duties this year. I still did the summer camp and will still do the games and competitions. BUUTTT I don't do early morning band anymore (YAHOO) and I've cut back to one after school practice. So I really am out of the loop because of this, but life is easier! Not having to go to band in the morning is a relief, and I'm able to accomplish a lot at work during that time!