Monday, September 22, 2008

Things I Like

I sure like marlin. They are tasty. Just thought you all should know. This great picture reminded me of my fondness for marlin. I sure wish I could catch a marlin like that! These friends of Whitney's (from college) caught a marlin for Whitney because she loves them too! As a whole, I like seafood. I really enjoy the occasional trip to Captain D's or Long John's, but those are few and far between since Kenny isn't a fan of those establishments. Come to think of it, Whitney isn't either, so I'm not sure why she likes marlin so much!

I also like guitar hero, which you already know. Here is the paparazzi shot Kenny got of me. I didn't know he was lurking! I was concentrating way too hard on the notes.

Pac Man is another favorite. Thanks to Andrea, I can play it any time I want to! Oh, and Tetris! Love Tetris! Used to have competitions with my sister and dad!

Another thing I like is Dancing with the Stars. I enjoyed watching it while I was grading papers tonight. It made paper grading a little less painful.

Last of all, I like the occasional joke: How do veterinarians take care of sick birds? They give them "tweetments."



  1. Oh my GOSHHHH.... this is my favorite entry in all the land. All the land, I say.

    Marlin love - a mysterious, strange, and bewildering phenomenon. But why can't I remember befriending these beer bellied bubs when I was in college? Hahaha. You are on crack.

    I also think that the Danavee concentration face is the flippin' funniest. It surpasses the Danavee Bungee Racing face. Does it help you to perform better when you hold your mouth like that?! Nothing but love.

    And crap! I totally forgot that Dancing with the Stars was on tonight. DANG!

    All the land.

  2. Dad gum it. You didn't tell me that that Lacey chic was on Dancing with the Stars this season. Couldn't stand her on So You Think.... Yuck. I am rooting against Lance Bass JUST for that reason.

  3. You no likey the Lacey??? I was so excited to see her on the show, but I was a fan from So You Think....

    Who do you like? I like Brooke!

  4. Cloris Leachman... Just kidding. Actually, she's pretty darn funny. REALLY funny, in fact. It's like an old Carol Burnett show when she's on there.

    As far as the dancing goes, I just watched Lance and Lacey, begrudgingly. If I squint one eye closed and ignore Lacey, he's good. Plus, he's pretty beautiful. (Aaaand not into girls at all... but ahh well.)

    Who do I like? Well, from year to year I've paid very little attention to the stars part of the show. I like whoever is Julianne's partner every year because she's so cute and fun. The Julianne/Apollo combo of years gone by will always be hard to top.

    (15 minutes later...) I just watched Edyta and Jeffrey. Initially I was repulsed. But then he made me laugh. I am now a fan of this poor guy.

    (30 seconds later) Have you ever noticed that Edyta ALWAYS wears leg warmers? Is this REALLY necessary? Tonight's are blue chiffon. Begin to notice this. Let's keep a tally chart of how many times she wears leg ornamentation. I think I'm onto something.

    (17 minutes later... too long to have spent sitting here commentating about stinkin' Dancing With the Stars. Good thing Jim's not here tonight -- I'd be getting some serious hairy eyeball action.) Did you have much luck fishing today? ha!

    (2 minutes later) Enough is enough. Goodbye, woman.

  5. Lacey!!! I might have to watch the show just for that reason!! If only I had time...

  6. Ok, so I didn't watch So you think, but I did happen to catch Lance and his partner. Sorry to say that I quite enjoyed the dance. They were the ones I caught.

  7. Two years later... Edyta stills enjoys the leg warmers.