Sunday, December 5, 2010

Craft Night 2010

I don't invite people over much.

Well, I didn't invite people over much.

Then I had the bathroom remodeled, and that changed everything. Now I'm not scared that my bathroom will cause folks to run for the hills.

So I can have visitors.

And visitors I had! It was Craft Night 2010 last night.

But actually not too much crafting happened. Hobby Lobby closes at 8:00. Dumb, dumb, dumb, I say. Even so, we were able to craft it up a little anyway. And we ate. I got all domestic again and made these to go with a really tasty pesto spread.............

But eating wasn't the goal for the evening. The goal for the night was to make the yarn wreaths. And a variation on yarn wreaths too. My eyes bulged, I starting hyperventilating, and my heart skipped a beat when I saw this idea on that same blog that I love. This blog linked the tutorial. It was a spin on the yarn wreath. Ash (who already had her wreath form) decided to conquer it.......

And let me tell you. Not all garland is created equal.

Her garland from Target? Nice.

My garland from Dollar Tree? Not so nice.

Dollar Tree garland does not make a pretty wreath. Six dollar garland is much better than one dollar garland.

But like I said, we couldn't make wreaths anyway, because Hobby Lobby closed and Michael's was out of wreath forms. However, they weren't out of felt! So we practiced making our rosettes instead.....

These girls were lovely students. Easy to work with. They caught on to rosette making quickly.

Now if we just had a snow day to finish these babies. Orrrrr a lazy Sunday afternoon, whilst the mister is away at a Chiefs game!!!!!

Which leads me to confess that Dollar Tree redeemed itself today. What they lack in the way of garland, they make up for with their cheap wreath forms.......

Craft Night 2010 wouldn't be complete without a finished product, so today I was determined that if nothing else was accomplished, a wreath would be made. And the bathroom would get a little Christmas makeover.

How do you infuse a little holiday cheer into a blue bathroom???

You make a silver and white sparkly wreath, which complements all the brushed nickel fixtures.

I wonder what the mister will say......


  1. I enjoyed craft night! Love your new wreath. I think I need to make one like that!!

  2. The wreath is very COOL! Bet the mister was impressed. I love doing crafts with a group. Also love the star-shaped bread.