Sunday, November 28, 2010

Do It Yourself Wreath

I'm all over tackling projects around the house: painting, demolition, tiling. Give me a hammer!

But when it comes to crafts, welllllll, I usually save those for the classroom.

Until I found a DIY wreath on a blog I love. Which linked another blog with specific directions. Both of these girls made lovely examples.

That's when I knew I had to try out my craft skills..........

I purchased all necessary materials at Michaels. Yarn, felt, ribbon, and wreath form. Such an inexpensive project. Oh, and the color possibilities are endless!

First, I wrapped the yarn around.....and around.....and around......and around the wreath form (with the plastic cover still on the wreath form).

I won't lie........

I did die a little inside during this part of the process. Can you say carpal tunnel syndrome? And my arms got tired. But I eventually got into a rhythm. And I loved the idea of this finished wreath so much, it motivated me to keep going.

Oh, and football was on, so you know what that means....

Next, I cut spirals out of the felt. The spirals didn't have to be perfect, and you could make them skinny or fat.

Then I wound the felt into rosettes. The bigger the spiral, the bigger the rosette.

Finally, I hot glued the rosettes onto the wreath and suspended the wreath from a ribbon!

I'm in love.

And I'm addicted! I'm already on wreath number two. A smaller version.

Sadly, someone else beat me to the punch on Etsy.

Thank you to Take Heart for detailed directions and to Nuestra Vida Dulce for introducing the idea!

Now it's YOUR turn folks! DO IT!


  1. AHHHHHH!!! I have been checking ALL day for this update since my Google Reader found the sneak peak! I cannot wait to make one!

  2. This is BEAUTIFUL. Sweet. Simple. I want to try!

  3. Yours looks wonderful! It's addicting, right? : )

  4. Is there anything better then making something with your own little hands that you LOVE. I can even see those for Valentines Day and Easter. Better get started. And my friend Jane would probably take in strangers. She's one of my dearest friends & is probably the nicest person I know. Thanks for visiting. Jan