Wednesday, November 17, 2010

I think you should know.....

  • This shirt, although super cute, is very hard to iron. And it almost makes me break out in hives when I attempt to get the ruffles wrinkle-free. HELP ME!

I almost don't want to ever wash it again.

But I will.


  • The handle on my crockpot lid broke off. This is very inconvenient.

Would any type of glue work to repair it, or is it a goner?

  • Our yard needs raked. Badly. We haven't touched it. At. All. I'm sure the neighbors are whispering about us. Whatever.

When you have six mature trees, you bide your time.
Why not do it once, when all the trees are finally bare?

  • This song is ridiculous. But for some reason, I love it. And now it's the ringtone for my ladies. Holla!
  • If I happened to be stranded on a desert isle and could only have one thing to eat, it would have to be cheese dip (and tortilla chips would automatically come with it, of course). What would you want to eat on your deserted island?


  1. You could try my Mr. Steamy on it? Yes, I was a sucker consumer and bought one "as seen on tv."

  2. Yuck...hate shirts like that!
    Send me an e-mail letting me know what kind of headband you are wanting for your sweet niece! :)

  3. Downy wrinkle release, hello! (although a Mr. Steamy sounds much more fun)
    Try super glue, or duct tape (is it duct or duck?)
    Hmmm... one item? A JFK bust. It would be like my Wilson.

  4. try using your hair straightenr on the ruffles. Just make sure there's no hair product residue on your straightener's plates first. I use mine that way all the time when I travel! And my mother's crock pot did the SAME thing! I think you'll have to go with a bond that is heat resistant. You know, one of those glues that has two liquids that you squeeze out, and when they combine they are SUPER STRONG!

  5. Love the hair straightner idea! I use Wrinkle Release all the time. It works really good.