Monday, November 22, 2010

A Footnote

I finally raked the yard this weekend.

Well, the front yard anyway....

That's the part that matters, right?

(Backyards don't count. They are fenced and have nothing to do with curb appeal.)

I think I found the motivation to tackle the yard (by myself*) because I was hopped up on lots of this....

The holiday drinks were buy one get one free this weekend. I tried each and every flavor.

Maybe more than once.

And I can tell you that pumpkin spice is still my fave, with peppermint mocha being a close second. While the eggnog is good, it's a little heavy and super sweet. The gingerbread tasted woodsy or something. Like tree bark.

Not that I know what that really tastes like.


*The reason the mister didn't join me in raking: I accidentally mentioned that Friday through Sunday was his "birthday extravaganza weekend" which exempt him from any manual labor. And he took me up on it. With the exception of starting our temperamental lawn mower for me, helping with two bags of leaves, and looking real, real guilty.

Then he went back inside to finish watching a football game.


  1. I will not be raking our yard, but I might try one of those tasty sounding drinks! Lucky you spoil him a bit???!!!!

  2. "raking" = mowing

    "birthday extravaganza" = exempt from all manual labor

    I pretty much like the Danavee dictionary.