Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Love & Hate

Love: That this is coming up on FRIDAY............

This group is amazing. They sing one of my fave Christmas tunes. I just might cry when they perform it.


Yeah, I'm excited.

I might even buy a t-shirt.


Hate: That Cracker Jack toys just aren't what they used to be.

No offense, Cracker Jack makers, but I liked the trinkety things from back in the olden days, like the little figurines or mini whistles.

Or the rings.

I'd take a tattoo even.

So when I opened my bag o' treats the other day with excited anticipation, I was pretty darn disappointed in this...........

No offense to Ben Franklin, but finding an educational leaflet puzzley thing wasn't exactly what my nostalgia filled heart was longing for.

I still love Cracker Jacks. They are mighty tasty.

Now I just know not to get my hopes up for a poodle figurine.


  1. It's CONCERT FRIDAY! Yippppeeeeee!!!! Don't be jealous that I'm seeing a WAY better concert though. Way.

    FYI, I've read that synthesizer-heavy music kind of makes you stupider. The whole of Siberia is basically brain dead. I think you should bring earplugs.

  2. Weellllll........if synthesizery music makes you brain dead, then COUNTRY music must make you, uh, um, brain deader.

    So HA!


  3. If you ever find a Cracker Jack box that has a donkey watch inside... grab two boxes.

    *Word verification: Enesto... sounds like a guy you would meet in France (or perhaps BW)

  4. I wanted to see the Siberian's so bad but knew I would already be too brain-dead. Can you imagine what would have happened to my brain with all that synthecizer stuff. Plus, my feet hurt. Hope it was great! Jan