Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Treasure

You know when you spot something, and it's love at first sight?

Like your heart kind of stops for a second and you have to catch your breath?

That happened last Friday.

At an antique sale.

Pheona's opened for the season.  And the first room I walked into sent me into a frenzy.  I almost didn't care if I walked through the rest of the sale.

Because I spotted an old metal basket on legs.

I pretty much knew immediately that I'd be spending my wad of cash on it.  And that's okay.  Because when you know, you know....

The tag read "egg basket".  But I still wanted to research my find.  So a few clicks later I found an exact replica, down to the same measurements and all......


The site claims that it most likely was used for produce or eggs in stores.  The site is selling the above basket for $350.

Mine was $62.


A little further questioning (of the lovely Sheila) yielded a bit more info.  It had come from a local auction!  Maybe it was even used at an old general store in the area!

Anyway, you might be wondering what I plan on doing with a metal basket that is almost three feet tall.....
  • I think it could be used as a hamper in the laundry room!
  • Or a plant stand, with a huge fern inside.
  • And one day, when I have my large bathroom with a clawfoot tub, maybe it could sit prettily on my white and black honeycomb tile while holding towels.

But really.  Do you really need a specific purpose for something you love?

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  1. Oh, I would have jumped on that too. That's a great price for it, not that I've ever seen one in person, but it seems pretty reasonable. and a lot better than $350.00!

  2. So excited for you! There's nothing better than a good sale! And this totally makes me want to go to the flea market this weekend. :)

  3. A treasure indeed! What a great find... and very versatile. I could also see it next to a couch with afghans in it. Whatever you do, DO NOT hide it in the laundry room! A beauty like that needs to be seen. I still haven't made it to Leola's, but I have a feeling I'll be there for a while when I do! Any other good fleas in Ozark?

    1. THANK YOU! I can't believe my luck! I found this in Billings. At a once a month antique sale (Pheona's).

      As for Ozark, I think Antique Emporium (next to Leola's) is okay too. I haven't really looked further. Leola's is my fave.

  4. Oh my goodness! I love it!

    I don't think it should be hidden in the laundry room either. Bring that baby out. Heck, put it in your driveway, and I will come and sit in it. I love it that much. Yes I do.

  5. I just saw this exact basket on pinterest - but it was missing the base, so they turned it upside down and used it as a wire lampshade. So, if you ever see one without a base...now you have a reason to buy it! :)

  6. That's awesome! And I love the history behind it. Good find!

  7. That IS beautiful! I love finding something vintage AND useful!

  8. I love it! I definitely would have bought it too! It's amazing AND was a great price!

  9. I probably would have bought it too! I REALLY like it! I've been looking for wire stuff like this for Benny's room for old basketballs and footballs. Great find!!

    1. Thank you! Yet another great idea for it! If I ever find another, I'll get it for you!