Friday, June 13, 2008

Car Problems

So my car turned 10 years old this week, and to celebrate, it decided to QUIT on me.....more than once. The first mishap was on Monday. It simply wouldn't start. DEAD. It ended up being the battery, not a big deal! We also discovered a bad fan belt in the process, so after a quick trip to the mechanic, that was taken care of on Monday too.

Mishap two was today: On our way to IHOP, my battery light came on. Kenny thought it might be the alternator, so instead of IHOP we head to the mechanic. On the way there, in pouring rain, it DIED on Kearney. GOOD TIMES! Thanks to Kenny and two nice strangers, we got it into a Walgreens parking lot. Luckily, I had a Henry's Towing keychain in my purse (compliments of the Sertoma Chili Cook-off). Just so you know, towing is EXPENSIVE! To go approximately 6 city blocks, it cost $66! Good thing my insurance covers that. SOOOOOO we get it to my mechanic, they discover it's my fan belt again! It slipped off! Frustrating, since that was supposed to have been fixed on Monday, BUT cheap and simple!

IF ONLY! I am about halfway home from the mechanic when my battery light goes off AGAIN! Panic sets in immediately! Do I go home? Do I try to make it back to my mechanic? Kenny had dropped me off at the mechanic, so I was alone! I'm closer to home, so rather than getting stranded.......this time without Kenny........I head home. Where my car currently belt off AGAIN! I get to be towed back to the mechanic again in the morning. I can't wait!

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