Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Dogs and Paint

Andrea and Whitney: Your recent blogs made me think, "I need a tribute to my sweet Bud.........Ruler of the Garage and Backyard!"

Bud was very needy today. While painting, he would lay under my ladder. Every time I'd move, he'd move with me. But it gets even better! While painting the lower wall, I'd turn around and find a tail mark right down the side of the house. He'd get right next to me or mom, with his tail wagging like crazy........IN THE PAINT. He had a "ranch mink" tail, and I had to repaint! Somehow he got paint on his paws, and now my patio and garage have ranch mink paw prints on them. So cute! For future reference, I probably shouldn't leave my paint tray on the ground!

As for the house, it is 95% finished! I need to touch up the white brick and trim. Then there's the yellow foundation I'll need to deal with. WHY OH WHY DID THE PREVIOUS OWNER PAINT IT YELLOW?????????????? Anyway, that has yet to be painted, but the majority of the work is finished! Before and after pictures coming soon!


  1. Dogs are such joys. You know I am sure that there is some dog lover that actually paints paw prints on their cement, now you don't have to! Yeah, the house is almost done! That is exciting.

  2. Ohhhh... that is so great. Dogs are so different from cats (normal AND psychotic ones), aren't they?

    I HAVE to come by your house and SEEEEE!

  3. Yeah for house painting!!! I am thinking a drive by tonight is going to happen. All these warm and fuzzy stories are making me want a dog... But, the poop story from Andrea is somewhat stomach turning, and I say again, my dog house has been compromised. Blogging is so addictive... It gets me through the long summer school days... Andrea, you I am sure will do the same starting Monday.