Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Home Improvement

So as my summer break begins, I'm super motivated to continue with the fixing up of my house! Since I bought it two years ago, I've only made a few improvements. My very first fix was the mailbox and porch light! They were black. My house had white trim, so the black fixtures DROVE ME CRAZY! I set out quickly to find replacements. Thanks to Lowe's and an online mailbox company, I was able to fix that problem quickly!

Fix number two was my entryway. Now I'm sure the pictures speak for themselves, but let me say, unless you like faded, textured, circa 1967 wallpaper, then you're with me on this. I decided to let go of that lovely vintage, velvety wallpaper and replace it with "Cherry Cobbler" paint. Add an antique mirror and light fixture with a new hall table, and my second upgrade was complete. Well, almost. I still need to paint the trim......

My third fix was my kitchen floor. Now I don't know about you, but carpeted kitchens are just about my most favorite decorative mistake! Not only was the carpet OLD, but it was DIRTY and a multitude of colors, such as orange, black, and olive! Ripping it up was easy..........then Kenny and I found linoleum under it. Ripping that up took a little more effort, but finally we made it to the sub-floor.

Finally we were ready to tile. I am proud to say, after a few online how-to videos, Kenny and I tiled and grouted the kitchen ALL BY OURSELVES!

After seeing all these earth shattering improvements, I'm sure you are DYING to know what could possibly be next??????????????? Well, sit down.................I'm painting the house.............THE EXTERIOR! Yep, starting tomorrow I will be out there with dad and Kenny changing it from yellow to "Ranch Mink." STAY TUNED!!!!!!!!!!!!! Until then, here's a sample of what's to come...........

The picture doesn't do it justice!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Whoa! I knew about all of these home improvement projects of yours. But to see it altogether like this... wow. I am impressed. It's looking great!