Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Running, Painting, and the Forbidden Wall

Running: I haven't been running since my FIRST time running........which would be approximately two weeks ago...........so NO itchy legs! Now I have painted legs....by accident........which leads me to:

Painting: SOOOOO the painting of the house is in full swing. Looks like two coats is covering the yellow (which I DO NOT MISS). One more coat on the back of the house, two coats on a small section in the front - which I refer to as the forbidden wall, some trim work around windows, and it'll be finished! No major mishaps.......dad had a minor ladder situation, we've all ended up with paint in the hair or on the clothes, arms, legs, and today the FACE! I was opening the paint container, and it exploded onto my face. Good times. We are close to the end though, so before and after pictures will be coming soon.

Forbidden Wall: So there is ONE wall on the front of the house that mom and I want to paint SOOOOO BADLY, but dad won't let us! Thus I've dubbed it the forbidden wall. His reason???? Well without thinking ahead, we tilled the ground in front of that wall........so with all of the rain we've had, it did become a mud pit. Dad said it was too unstable to hold a ladder, which he proceded to demonstrate to get his point across. The ladder DID sink during his demonstration, but it didn't make the longing to paint that wall go away. Each day, mom and I PLEAD with dad to paint that wall, since it's in the front, and each day we're told the ground isn't dry enough to support a ladder. Maybe tomorrow will be the big day! I was a bit sneaky, and after he left today, I painted about 5 feet of it toward the bottom. I didn't want to waste the paint in my tray!

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  1. The random flowers are gone?! Wow, impressive =) I think I might have to do a swing by on Thursday night to check this new house out. Do you know what you are going to plant there? Let me know as soon as you do... Three more days and I will be back to a normal person again, yippee for no more summer school!!!