Sunday, June 15, 2008

A few years back, I signed up on web-site where you can find high school friends. I think I signed up for high school reunion updates or something. I never checked my "profile" or looked up old friends. Until recently, I had forgotten about the site. THEN I started getting random emails from that excitedly said some old friend had "signed my guestbook" on my profile. The email also teases you with statements like, "Who is thinking about you?" or "Uncover the mystery!" Of course I want to uncover the mystery!

Clicking on the link takes me to my guestbook where the people have "signed" their names. Only you can't see the names! You have to "upgrade to see who is thinking about you!" AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For someone as curious as I am, that is mean and unjust!! The cost isn't terrible, but it's the type of thing that probably ropes you in! Once I subscribe, will I continue to year after year? Hillary tells me DON'T UPGRADE, but my friend Julie DID upgrade! She can see who signed her guestbook any time she wants!

I'm torn.......what a terrible dilemma! I have thirteen guestbook signatures, and I am dying to know who those 13 people are! SOOOOO I'm taking a poll here: Do I subscribe or keep the mystery alive? Please circle yes or no ;)


  1. I vote "Yes" to upgrade and see who signed your guest book.

  2. Go on girl, get your upgrade!

  3. DON'T DO IT!! Am I the only realistic person here? They are just going to ask you to do more and more stupid stuff. I vote you go through your yearbook and call information and ask each one personally. You can catch up with everyone and have fun.... o' wait, that is stupid, just do the stinking upgrade.