Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Band Camp

Okay, I'm not looking for sympathy here, but I'm in the middle of band camp. Two full weeks of twirling and tossing flags.....from 8 am to 6 pm......needless to say, pretty long days. I do it for the big bucks, of course!

In this lovely photo, the girls are in their new uniforms. Trying these on is one of the few fun parts of band camp. I also play a few fun games with my girls.......games that are now a part of our band camp tradition! But who wants to hear about the fun parts? Let's move on to the not-so-fun parts: HOT TEMPERATURES, sore muscles, and doing the same routines over and over til they are perfect. I always forget the sore muscles part. My arms haven't moved like that since last season, so they need to be whipped back into shape. Also during these two weeks, most of my vocabulary is limited to quotes such as, "One more time!" or "Let's do that again."

Anyway, aside from the work and scorching heat, the rewards are great. When we hit the field for a football game or competition, all the band camp stuff is forgotten.

So I guess I just needed to vent??? And maybe I do want a little sympathy......


  1. You have my sympathy! You will hate me when I tell you that yesterday I was at the pool all afternoon.

  2. In addition, I wanted all the folks to know that you are available for adult flag tutelage too. She's a good teacher, people.

    (But then again, I think the fourth grade teachers were a particularly bright and talented group of pupils. Hmm, Danavee... I'm thinking we should have a "flag-off" with your girls.)

  3. By the way, what's the theme this year again?

    Do some have different styles of uniform? And if so, do they ever get jealous of who got the best version and break out into teenagery, catty hair-pulling and stuff?

  4. And because your comment page is my playground, I personally like the uniform that has one full arm and no sleeve on the other, just the silver band looking thing. (See front girl, left, who incidentally has terrific posture.)

  5. Jill: I don't know how many times I wished to jump in a pool this week! No kidding! I would daydream about coming home, walking into my backyard, and jumping in. One problem: no pool.

    Whit: So many things to say......first of all, I'm up for a flag-off. Maybe Jill will reprise her role as a flag girl with us!!! It might give us the edge to take those whipper snappers down! Oh, and thank you for saying I'm a good teacher. Next, uniforms.......good question on that! YES, there are two different styles. Your fave is my personal fave. It is the unitard version (a one piece), and girl with great posture is wearing that version! The other happens to be a top with pants, and yes they do have opinions about which one they get, but it never gets ugly. Most of them like the one we like. Lastly, I love the multiple comments. It makes me very excited to see any at all! Please feel free to do this any time!

  6. I'm glad that Whit cleared that uniform thing up. I thought it looked like they were wearing differnt ones.

    I agree with her that you are a VERY good teacher with the flags, as well as the 4th grade thing.

  7. Ok I love the blog entries but I have to say reading the comments are just as fun! Oh and I would love to see the flag off......I'll bring my pom poms!!!