Saturday, August 16, 2008

Making the Most of the Last Days....

School: Our first contracted day is Monday, and kids come on Wednesday. Monday and Tuesday will be filled with meetings, and I can already feel my brain being filled with too much info. More than it can handle. If the new superintendent still does recognition for years in the district, Whit and I will probably have to go up for our certificate for TEN WHOLE YEARS of working in the district! That makes me nervous, since standing in front of crowds is not one of my favorite things. Oh well, we'll get a cute paperweight or something, which will make it worth it, right?

Freedom: I have been trying to make the most of the last few days. When referring to my list of things to do before the end of freedom, I discovered that I can check off a few things AND add some additional items to the list...........
  • Pedicure with Whitney.......check
  • Take naps...........check
  • Sleep in...........check
  • Swim..........tried to but it was too chilly this week! Gave it a good attempt though! Got in up to my we'll check it off anyway.
  • Spend time with family...........check
  • Haircut..........check
  • Pineapple Whip with Kenny...........check
  • Ride in dad's Model T..............check
  • Go to fave antique shop............check
  • Watch Olympics...........check
Even though I spent Mon. through Wednesday in my classroom, I still feel like I accomplished a lot on my list. I really enjoyed Thursday with mom, Hill, dad, and Alex. We just hung out at Hill's all day. I brought cherry bear claws for breakfast (thank you St. George's). Hill got pizza for lunch. We ate and talked, and I got LOTS of quality time with Alex. I got to feed him and play with him! He is precious. He smiles ALL THE TIME.

Friday was another great day. Kenny and I went to mom and dad's, and what did we find when we got there? Dad and mom riding around the neighborhood in the Model T!!!!!!!!!!! So of course we took turns riding in it. That was so much fun! The horn on it is hilarious! We are all very excited that dad got it running.

Today, mom brought me a great bouquet from the farmer's market. Now I want another bouquet for my classroom. I love fresh flowers! Then Whit and I got our SUPER FINE pedicures! I wish I had a picture of both of our toes! We each got artwork on our big toes, which turned out great.....very hot! Finally, after shopping at Gordman's with Whit and having lunch with Kenny, I drove out to my favorite antique shop and browsed.

I'm pretty happy with my last week of freedom, and actually I'm pretty happy with my whole summer! Got the house painted, went on a few small excursions to St. Louis, and spent time with friends and family! Let the school year begin!


  1. Thanks for setting up the great pedicures. That was so fun! I find myself just staring down at the little flowers and smiling from time to time.

  2. Wow! What great accomplishments! It sounds like a great last few days.