Saturday, August 23, 2008

It's gonna be okay.....

So on Monday, all I could think about was leaving my job as an educator to become best buddies with the Keno brothers. Appraising priceless antique furniture was (and still is) very appealing. Then on Tuesday, as I was making my morning coffee, my first real thought was, "I wonder how many snow days we'll have this year?" At that point I hadn't even met my kiddos, and all I could hope for was inclement weather.......

Now here we are a few days and migraines later.......and the negativity has subsided. I'll give the credit to my new bunch of kiddos. I think it happened when one of my little guys exclaimed excitedly that he had an extinct turtle at home (as his pet)! The conversation went like this:

Kiddo (wide eyed and very excited): "Ms. Roderick!
I have an extinct turtle at home! He's my pet!

Me: "Is that right? How did you discover this?"

Kiddo (holding up an informational science book and
pointing to a picture of a turtle): "This is my

turtle, and this book says it's extinct!"

Me: "Oh my! I bet there are some scientists out there
who would pay big bucks to have your extinct turtle."

Kiddo: "I will keep him, but it looks like I'll need a
bigger aquarium because the book says he's gonna get
as tall as my knees!"

Between that conversation and another involving a semi truck and snapping alligator (don't ask), the funk I had been in began to fade.

I still want my snow days though.


  1. Yep, these are good moments. I love your story! STILL LAUGHING!

    My story goes like this: We were writing friendly get-to-know-you letters, and the kids were writing about themselves. One child raises up his hand and asks me, "How do you spell bazillion, Mrs. H.?"

    So I spelled it for him even though I'm thinking... "Oh boy, this kid's going to be fun when the math chapter over place value comes along." But I deliver the sequence of letters and forget it.

    I just read his letter. It says, "I am not just American. My mother is bazillion, so I am part bazillion too. We go there every summer."


    We enjoy our jobs.... at least sometimes, right?

  2. HAHAHA! Now it's my turn to crack up! You might need to look into speech class for that one. That's almost as good as my "grandma's ashes in the Build-a-Bear" event. Yes, these stories help with getting through the day.

  3. This is one thing I will miss about those 4th graders! Great stories!!!